b. 1990 lives and works in Richmond, VA
cv available upon request

Recent Work
‚ÄčPotential Fossils
Deep Fuzz

Amateur Function
Lazy Gray
Josephine and Her Chair
Subito Pianissimo

Past Work

Untitled (counting)
Untitled (ice) 
Fur Piece



Focus on the image of a hazy, gray field. It has a core, but that core's texture is unknown. 
Laying on this field feels so nice, but the yearning to sink beyond its surface is uncontrollable. 
Feel its malleability and its limitlessness. Polarizing sensations make you feel free and safe at 
the same time.

Deep Fuzz, 2013
Dancers: Angela Palmisano and Egbert Vongmalaithong
Music: Without You by Glisper
Performed at The 11th Annual Richmond Choreographers Showcase
Filmed by Doug Hayes